05 March 2011

vintage treasures

I am the new owner of two boxes of vintage treasures!

I was visiting my mother who is in an "if you don't love it or use it get rid of it" mode and I being a helpful daughter offered to assist her in her decluttering of a cupboard of old "stuff". I thought I would share a few of the treasures I walked away with.

I really did try to take good photos but we were in a basement with terrible lighting and no matter what I tried with my lovely basic point and shoot, I could not get any fabulous photos! I hope you can enjoy the treasures regardless.

I now have a number of old bottles (which are always fun to use as flower vases).

This one is my favourite. I love the original label!

This one has what I think is a rubber (?) stopper. I also walked away with a box of other vintage milk bottles that my mom began collecting in the eighties.

This Crush bottle isn't as old, but I love it. When I was very small my dad owned an Esso gas station. I used to visit him there on occasion. I can still remember the old vending machine in  his office where I would sometimes get a treat of an orange or grape crush in a bottle just like this one! I don't know why it is such a strong memory but I remember opening the door and tugging on the bottle trying to get it out of the vending machine and then trying to open it with the bottle cap opener - which I don't think I could ever do. Just looking at this bottle makes me smile because it is one of my earliest memories...

She had a few old tins that I happily took off her hands...

and a very cute, small, old lamp. I can imagine someone using it at the kitchen table after dark to read by...

This was found in the house my parents live in when they moved in. My mom and dad's house was built from 1929-1932 and they purchased it from the original owner/builder. It is a very cool, old (by Western Canadian standards) farmhouse. The house is very well built and if I had a couple million kicking around I would love to buy it. My mom has a few old treasures that belonged to the owners and I am happy to have something belonging to the "North" house.

I also got a few new vintage kitchen items to add to my collection. Now if I only had room to put out my collection...but that's another post!

Happy Saturday!

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