31 March 2011

Off My Bookshelf March 2011

Here is what has been off my bookshelf this month...

March has been a busy month and with my sister visiting many of my evenings have been spent visiting instead of reading...that and my daughter has acquired a few seasons of the Gilmore Girls and we have been catching up on a little of the TV we have missed over the past decade. So, lots of girl nights...which has been a nice change...next month it will be back to the books...I'm tired after a lot of late nights.

I found this 1975 cookbook at the local charity shop...lots of yummy goodies ...butter...flour...sugar...yum!

still looking for a large container for the fridge to hold my bread dough...I left my large tupperware containers in Nova Scotia...

This one made me want to go shopping...which I am guessing was the purpose of the book...lots of eye candy.

I ran across Gretchen Rubin's blog a month or so ago; I was intrigued and thought I would try reading her book. Easy to read, interesting insight...but I kept remembering a comment I once received from a geography professor on an essay of mine..."too many quotes". I have mixed feelings. She uses a lot of really great quotes but sometimes there are so many her voice gets lost among the quotes and it seems like she is just filling in words to link quotes. Overall a good read and an interesting project.

When I first seriously considered homeschooling my kids I bought a bunch of books for research. I really liked the idea of a literary education and not dumbing things down for my kids. I read a few books by Catherine Levison about the Charlotte Mason method (I also purchased the six book set of actual Charlotte Mason books...but they still sit on my shelf unread); they give a good overview of the Mason method.

Another book about homeschooling info. I thought that while we were having a little spring break I would continue to educate myself on some of the different methods of teaching out there.

So, that is what has been filling my head this month...what have you been reading?

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