29 April 2012

Farm days...

I am behind again...but I wanted to share the fun we had on earth day at Pilgrim's Produce Organic Farm.

Our kids favourite booth was Cottontail & Co. selling rabbits "Dead or Alive - Preferably alive!" There was quite a line-up here of kids wanting to hold a bunny...

Even my hubby was tempted to bring one home...maybe next year. Although I am very tempted to purchase a few in the not alive category...very tempted...

The kids also loved the baby chicks from Rosebank Farms - pasture raised poultry.

I was really excited to find a local source for pasture raised chicken! I think I may need to buy another freezer...

The kids loved the animals but couldn't find a way to convince us to bring any home... not that it would take much to convince us...we just need to find a place of our own where we can bring them home to!

I loved seeing the greens...I am SO ready for our local produce season to start!

I was really happy to see the first blossoms of the season...

We loved wandering around the farm...

and enjoying the entertainment offered. We left smiling and a little sad to leave - longing for a farm of our own.

We were cheered up again this week-end with the opening of the local farmer's market and the start of the local asparagus season.

We filled two large bags with delicious local produce which should tide us over until next Saturday.

I need to find more opportunities to visit farms as we are all getting restless and needing a farm fix a little more frequently than usual. But, for this week...daily roasted asparagus is keeping a smile on my face!

05 April 2012

Birthday Boy

Yesterday was my second son's seventh birthday...

He had a great day and really enjoyed all the phone calls he received.

He also enjoyed his birthday treats...

Root beer floats for an after school treat.

For dinner he requested Spanakopita and spinach dip...he loves spinach. I must admit his meal choice made me laugh a little.

Instead of cake he wanted pumpkin pie. He doesn't really like sweets...

or pastry! He just loves the filling...but for some reason it has to come in the pastry. I have tried making him pumpkin flan instead...but he didn't like it as much. It was his birthday so I let him just eat the filling...I also let him eat a second piece for breakfast this morning.

We have a family tradition of allowing the birthday person to choose the meals for the day. It is always fun seeing what they choose.  

(And I do realize that the table wasn't very 7 year old boyish...the fun party will be tomorrow and most of my dishes are still packed. So he had to put up with some of my latest thrift store finds which included a set of 26 pieces of blue wedgewood transferware, a beautiful pink scalloped platter, and two pink rosebud round platters and a milk glass vase all for under $40. I really am enjoying thrifting for treasures!)

We had a great day yesterday and now I just need to prepare for tomorrow's party!

02 April 2012

Spring at the North barn

Today I did a little exploring in the old North barn on my parents' property.

I have explored this barn many times over the past twenty-four years but I still love to wander around and imagine the life it had before my family moved in...

I imagine the loft with the sweet, grassy smell of hay and the sounds of kittens mewing and children playing.

I wonder if Holsteins or Jerseys stood here patiently waiting to be milked? 

Today, I brought home this rusty, old rake that I think will fit in nicely in my craft room as a holder for spools of ribbon. 

I also brought home this old tool box with the initials of the original owner and builder of the barn (and of my parents' house), Mr. North. I think I will clean this up for my craft room as well. I love that I was able to take an half hour out of my day to spend a little time on me and that I was able to find a few treasures that will remind me of my explorations every time I look at them. This year I really want to focus on taking the time to notice the simple pleasures of life.

On my way out I noticed the first daffodil of the season blooming. It looks like spring has arrived and that is something that will keep me smiling all day.