21 March 2011

Spring Running

Something about Spring always makes me want to get out and do something...

Saturday we bought a new bike for my daughter who is getting ready for a spring youth triathlon training class next month. While at the sport shop we noticed a table of clearance shoes...

Yes, running shoes.

I have started running programs more times than I can count. When I am running I love it...but I don't like getting ready to run. I dread waking up to an alarm and pulling myself out of bed to go running. My programs usually last about six weeks or so...I usually get to the point where I can run close to 5km. I always see a huge improvement. I just start feeling really good about it and then something really "important" usually comes up and I quit. (Yes, I do realize there is a deeper psychological issue here...I just haven't figured out what it is yet). Everytime I start, I start from the beginning...run, walk, run, walk...I haven't run since last summer. My fall excuse was my shoes are getting too old to run in; so instead of buying new shoes...I stopped running. Again. I get frustrated thinking about how good I could be if I had been running all along instead of stopping and starting. I need some perserverence.

The shoes were a really good deal...I had to get them. I was planning on starting a running program again in April anyway. I have the running plan written up ready to go. I have been waiting for the snow to melt and the roadsides to dry up...for the conditions to be perfect.

They have been in my possession for three days and are still looking brand new.

They are out of the box and staring at me...

I have been trying to live the life I want to live and quit spending so much time planning and more time just doing. In many areas of my life I have been doing this and I am loving the difference it is making to my life. But, it is a long and difficult process. Habits are hard to change. My running habit is one I definately want to change.

So I have decided that I am going to scrap my April running "program" and just log off and go for a run.

Happy Spring!

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  1. Wanna come run the Seattle Rock 'N Roll half marathon with me in June? :)