28 August 2013


Why is it that as soon as it feels like life is finally going to work out perfectly a whole new crop of problems arises?

I have a few beliefs concerning adversity.

I believe that adversity helps me become stronger - I really believe in that old saying - that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger - it is so true.

I believe that adversity helps me to gain perspective and to realign my priorities if necessary.

I believe that if I focus adversity can help me recognize all of the wonderful things that I have in my life.

I believe that I will never have a challenge that I cannot overcome - even though I may need a lot of help.

I believe that adversity helps me to stay humble - recognizing that I need help and asking for it has always been extremely difficult for me.

That said...it is so frustrating and exhausting.

Life - or mine at least - is never... and I mean NEVER easy. The way my life is going so far I think that by the end of it I will be stronger, and more, focused, appreciative and humble than I ever thought possible or ever wanted to be. Every time I overcome one hurdle I get a little scared about what is coming up next. I often wish I had time to just relax a little. But all I can do is breathe deeply and say "bring it on...I'm ready".

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  1. But you didn't tell us what the hurdle was or at least give us a hint. I hope things smooth out for you and you get a nice long period of no hurdles.