28 February 2011

off my bookshelf February 2011

Another month with a lot of books...

Did I ever mention how much I love books?

This is what has been off my bookshelf this month...

My heart is still in England this month as I continue reading through Jane Austen's novels...Mansfield Park this month...another favourite. I actually suggested calling my third son Edmund but my hubby wouldn't go for it. Tudor England is one of my favourite historical periods so I am brushing up on some of my history with Henry VIII - Reformer and Tyrant. Not a great read for everyone, but I enjoy it.

And continuing with the British theme, my hubby and I have been reading this together. It is taking awhile to read as it is hard to find time to read together and because it is also a subject we are passionate about and the book often gets put aside for some heated discussion and a little bit of ranting on my part. (a small piece of advise...do not get me into a conversation on the industrial food system...I will have a lot to say...and my voice might rise a little...just ask those in the car with my dad and I over the week-end who got to listen to three hours of heated discussion...I think I may take after him just a little). That said, I do love reading the Prince of Wales and he (and his thousands and thousands of pounds worth of education) says things a lot more eloquently than I do.

On a similar and a lighter note...

this is what I have been reading with my kids. My eleven year old daughter and I have been reading one of my favourite books together...Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver ( my daughter and I have been wishing my hubby had a nice farm hidden somewhere we could go and live off of). It has been fun discussing what we can do...(our organic CSA emailed this week with this seasons prices and I can't wait to sign up!). My two oldest boys and I have been reading Farmer Boy and I am having fun sharing my love of Little House on the Prairie with them. (We have previously read Little House in the Big Woods which they also enjoyed but this one has a little more testosterone so it is more fun for them!) And all three boys have been enjoying Dr. Seuss this month.

I am always looking at different points of view and advise on how to make our homeschooling experience more effective and fun.

I picked these up at a used book sale in the fall for 50 cents each. I've been eyeing up the poached egg page. I have never made a poached egg. I have always been scared of failing miserably. As soon as I can get my hands on some VERY fresh eggs I am going to do it. 2 1/2 months until the farmer's markets open up...free range farm fresh eggs...can't wait!

I have picked out my first knitting pattern to attempt. I learned how to knit just over a year ago; but have only attempted scarves and face cloths and things I could do without a pattern. Next month...I am learning how to read patterns and mix colours...I hope it turns out!

And to satisfy my magazine obsession...

Can I just say how much I love How Women Cook! This is the second issue and it is on sale now...LOVE it!

This is what has caught my eye and held my interest this month. What have you been reading?

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