02 February 2011

baking day

Yesterday was a busy school day, the kids were working hard and decided they wanted some cinnamon buns for a break and so I happily pulled out the ingredients and got to work.

I love baking. (I know I have said this before, but I really do).

 One of the many things I would like to be is a baker. (This is why I am still trying to figure out what I want to be...can I be 20 things at one time? I am trying to prioritize my wishes...)

I love the smell of yeast and watching the magic that occurs when bread rises.

I love that my kids always love helping me knead bread (see baking with kids post 30Mar2010 here).

But even more than making bread; I love making cinnamon buns.

I love the smells, the colours, rolling up the dough and watching them rise.

And when they finally come out of the oven...everyone gathers around waiting for the moment when they are just cool enough to touch...

And take that first perfect bite...they are definately one of my favourites.

What is so great about baking is that even if you are in a tiny cottage with a 5 x10 kitchen and an old stove...the cinnamon buns still taste just as good as if they had been made on a beautiful 9 foot marble island...
(did you see the island on the mimi Charmonte blog??? It's at kimberlytaylorimages.com go check it out...I love it!)
 Although I am sure they would be just a little more fun to make.

yes, I definately need a bigger kitchen...

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