11 February 2011

a new muffin recipe

I have a little book that I always keep close by...

I've had it for about a decade and I stupidly have never made a back-up; which reminds me...I need to do that!

I started writing down a few of my recipes...not all my recipes (I do have four kids and often when I cook I just throw things together and do not take time to measure and write down what I am doing). But, when I have time...I record them.

Over the years I have collected almost a hundred recipes.

A lot of them are for muffins.

I have never bought a muffin. I have tasted store bought muffins and I was never able to figure out why anyone would spend money on them. They are not good...sorry they just aren't.

I discovered that I could make muffins that taste like cupcakes (which they basically are). They could be healthier (not necessarily healthy...just healthier), cheaper and much easier. My muffins always turn out...they are never dense and flat (like the first time I tried to make a butter cake)...and they are almost always delicious.

I thought I would share my newest recipe today:

Chocolate Walnut Muffins:

First mix 1 1/4 cup flour (either all purpose or half all purpose and half whole wheat or spelt) with 1/2 cup good quality cocoa.

then add 1/2 cup sugar, 1 tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp baking soda, and 1/4 tsp salt.

Then put 3/4 cup walnuts in a food processor and pulse until medium fine. Add to bowl along with 3/4 cup coarsely chopped walnuts. Stir to combine.

In a seperate bowl whisk together: 2 eggs, 3/4 cup milk and 1/4 cup canola oil (or melted butter) and 1 tsp vanilla.

Add the wet ingredients to the dry and mix until just combined.

Line a muffin tin with muffin liners (or cupcake liners if you prefer to call them that or you can grease the pan) and spoon muffin batter into tin.

Bake in a 350 degree (F) oven for approximately 20 minutes. (The stove I am currently using is not the best on timings so you will have to experiment what works best in your oven). You do not want to over-bake these as they are best when they are moist and fudgy!

Let cool in pan for a few minutes and then remove to a wire rack. After five to ten minutes (or longer if you don't have a group of hungry children standing around the cooling rack)  plate and serve...or just serve if you don't like extra dishes...

YUM! I hope you enjoy them  as much as we did...

I have made them twice now and both times they were very good...I am very happy I had time to put them in the book. The kids have informed me they want to eat these every day...

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  1. Hi Joanna,

    Thanks for stopping by for a visit the other day and your lovely compliment:-). Wish that I had those muffins right now, really could use a before bedtime chocolate fix!