02 July 2010

Busy week: getting wet, the Queen, a birthday and the beach

Busy week again.

My hubby has been working on an art project this week in Halifax, so it has been just me and the kids for most of the week ~ not much homework getting done around here. I did read the Grapes of Wrath and was surprised at how much I liked it and about how so many things in it are relevant today. I didn't realize that the industrial food system was already in full swing during the thirties, I didn't think it started until after the war, so I learned something new.

Monday, the kids and I decided to head into Halifax with my hubby and go and see The Queen. (Except my hubby who went to work).

This was the closest we got to her, we were right at the barricade but they didn't let anyone get too close until the end...when she went and shook a few hands on the other side of the field.

 It was pouring rain and we got soaked right through all of our layers of clothes, but it was so fun! My five year old was especially excited about seeing the Queen. As soon as she stepped out of her car, the rain stopped. My five year old now thinks she is magic. On Canada Day he announced that his favourite thing about living in Canada is having a Queen (who is magic). The good thing about the rain was that the turn out wasn't as good as it would have been if it was sunny.

The rain will probably also help keep the day in the kid's memories.

the kids should all remember this day in the rain...all except my baby.

What a great experience. We saw the Queen with her husband Phillip (the Duke) as well as Prime Minister Harper and the governor general and the premier of Nova Scotia. I thought this might be our last chance to see Queen Elizabeth as she is getting older and she doesn't come to Canada all that often (although I hear she will be returning in 2012). Fun day!

The other news this week is my baby turned three, so not much of a baby any more.

He is getting so big and soon I will just have four big kids.

We spent the day at our favourite beach...

having a good time...

playing in the water...

and doing things that my three year old really likes to do...like throwing rocks.

I usually like to look for shells and sea glass and other cool stuff along the beach and this time I found a mermaid's purse. My seven year old was very impressed. We added it to our very large Nova Scotia beach finds jar that we will be bringing back to BC with us for memories. I am REALLY going to miss the ocean...

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