22 June 2010

summer, school and family

Another day, another essay.

I must admit my brain is almost hitting overload. I have about four weeks until my final two exams and then I am taking a couple of months off. In three months I will have completed six classes, written nineteen essays, four exams and read about seven thousand pages of texts and novels. But, finishing is still a month away and I still have nine essays, two exams and about three thousand pages to read...sigh...and it is summer. Luckily, it has been raining for the past two days so I don't feel too bad about missing out.

The sun is coming, the kids have their last day of school on Wednesday and then the fun begins. However, I will be buried in books for a few more weeks. I can do it. I am excited to be over the hump and on the downward slope of my degree and I am learning a lot! I just hope with all the information going in that I will be able to retain some of it.

I am also so happy to have my hubby home with me to play with the kids. (not so happy that he is jobless) but very happy to have him around after two years of seeing very little of him. I am really looking forward to summer holidays. I don't know why but I just have a hard time relating when I hear other women say how they dread having the kids home all summer... I love it. For me, there is nothing better than having my entire family at home or out and about together. Growing up I was that abnormal girl who never wanted to get married, never wanted to have children and here I am married for nearly thirteen years with four kids and LOVING it. Getting married was the best thing I ever did.

Anyway, the hubby has been out all morning gathering boxes (oh yah, I also am packing up my house and moving in six weeks) and I have been sitting at the computer procrastinating writing an essay... so off I go to write a geography essay on globalization, maquiladoras and borderlands...and then I get to start packing today!

So begins my summer...

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