15 July 2010

a death in the family

I am very sad to announce that we have had a death in our family.

My computer has died, very tragic as she was only four years old.

I am desperately hoping that some computer savvy tech will be able to recover all of the priceless information she was storing for me.

Luckily a few months ago we bought a back up storage system and have saved most of the priceless info. - but not all. Maybe buying the back up was what did it. I must admit that I do believe in Murphy's law, just because it always comes true...buy a back up system just in case...and watch the just in case happen.

So for now I am writing essays on my husbands teeny tiny mini computer which I believe was not made for someone who types with more than one finger. 

So, no photos today. No extra time on the computer today. And since we will be moving in a few weeks, there is really no point in getting a new computer until after the big move...so no computer for me for at least a month.

I know it is only a computer but, I miss her already...

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