24 July 2010

getting there...

I can see the light at the end of my LONG semester tunnel...

Exams and two courses are finished (YAY!!!) One class left to finish...and when I say one class, I unfortunately mean one class...all four essays...seven days to finish. (Did I mention I'm a bit of a procrastinator?) But, at least it is only one class and then I get two months off. (another big YAY!!!)

I can't believe my time in Nova Scotia is so quickly drawing to an end...

I am going to miss it here, although Nova Scotia seems to be co-operating trying to insure I don't miss it here too much...this week has been really humid and about a million mosquitos have camped out in my yard, so I am not feeling too bad about having to stay in the house working.

Tomorrow will be two weeks until we leave and I have yet to pack up the house (did I mention I was a bit of a procrastinator? ~ well either that or I am just a very BUSY!

No worries...it will all get done; it always does!

and I almost forgot the good news! ....my computer has been fixed!!!! All is saved! I am a happy girl...and I promise I will have some photos next time!

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