13 June 2012

End of Semester Blues...

This morning I remembered that it has been awhile since I have made a post and writing one seems like the perfect way to procrastinate writing the essay I should have finished weeks ago.

I am very quickly reaching the end of another semester and this time as I look at the books and think about the essays and exams that are left to write I am having an extremely hard time. There is almost no part of me that wants to do it. I feel done. I am so tired. I have been working on my degree for six years and will have six classes left once I finish the ones I am currently working on. I am so close...but I really feel done. I miss my family. I miss having time for my kids and husband and kitchen...there are a million projects on my to do list. I really want to just relax and enjoy the nice weather before it gets too hot. (I am really hoping for another mild summer...I have discovered that the house we are living in holds heat really well. I am getting nervous...soon the thermometer will pass the 30 degree C mark and head for the 40...I am not ready for that yet). *sigh*

But ~ I know I only have six classes left...so close to finishing my degree...next year at this time I will be done and I will have completed a goal that I have had for a really long time. I am learning something new on a daily basis which I really do love and I am setting a good example for my kids which I think is really important. I will be finished this semester in a mere seventeen days and then it will be summer break which I am thoroughly looking forward to. At the end of the month my husband will also be finished his group of paintings that he has been working on every almost every night (when he hasn't been working) for the past few months (he has a big solo show late summer/fall). July will most likely be hot...but...my family will be together and we won't be rushing to meet deadlines.

I know all these things...but I still want to procrastinate.

oh how I wish this was me!

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