09 April 2011

Saturday Morning

I enjoy being outside with my boys on Saturday mornings.

When we found out how easy it was to do the morning chores around my dad's barn, we offered to take the week-end shift. Saturday and Sunday mornings we head out to feed the cows.

There is just something about heading out first thing in the morning, before breakfast...

I love the fresh air and walking around the barn yard.

I love that my boys are learning that sometimes we need to put the needs of other creatures before our own.

They are learning that animals that were previously a little scary...are just creatures sharing this earth with us and while they deserve respect they too can show gratitude.

They are also learning that sometimes other creatures are just as scared and/or as curious of us as we are of them...

I have learned to love walking around and thinking about the history that is in this old barn.

I love looking at all the textures and colours. I make plans in my head of what I would do if it was mine...

That is one thing my hubby and I do for fun...what would we do if this was ours...we do that everywhere we go...and then we move on...by the time we get our own place we will have intellectually renovated so many places we will know exactly what we want.

For now, I want to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and walking around this old farmstead...in four months we will be in the city and I know I am going to miss this.

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