23 April 2011

Prayer, Faith and positive thinking

Just thought I would share some good news...

I am still having technical difficulties and am again borrowing a computer that happened to have a photo I took travelling across Canada on it that I thought would be appropriate since we are on the move again...

A little while ago I wrote about the good news we received regarding my hubby's acceptance to the Master of Architecture program at UBC...you can read about it here.

Today we are the recipients of more good news!!!

One of the concerns I had about our move was finding a place to live...while we were in Nova Scotia my hubby commuted almost daily over 200km each way (a two to two and a half hour drive) to school...long story...

Needless to say, he did not want to commute again.

 Moving to Vancouver is a little challenging as Vancouver is the most expensive city to live in in Canada and the West End of Vancouver where UBC is located is one of the (if not the) most expensive areas of the city. Living in a cheaper area of the city or in a neighbouring community would include at times a lengthy commute and/or could also be a little bit of a scary area to live in...my daughter still remembers the last time we drove through east van...and the woman dressed as a fairy skipping down the sidewalk jumping over the people that were sleeping and/or passed out on the sidewalk...since this is the only memory she has kept of Vancouver it has been fun trying to convince her that Vancouver can be a really nice place to live! We REALLY were hoping to get into campus housing.

UBC has a really nice community of townhouses for student families at a significantly lower price than the usual rent in the area. After receiving my husband's student number we applied...and found out that we were 19th on a waitlist for 42 townhouses that would accommodate our large family (they have restrictions on family sizes in their units...with four children we could only apply for a four bedroom townhouse). We were a little nervous...19th...of 42 and not all 42 would become vacant this year. They advised us that most families wait about a year to get housing...

We prayed...and decided that we would be positive. Keep our attitude of forward thinking...

When my husband wanted to get his master's degree in fine arts he picked the one school he really wanted to go to and applied to that school only. They took in nine students and they had hundreds of applications. He was waitlisted. We stayed positive and decided to move across the country anyway - knowing that something would work out...even if he had to wait another year...we knew he would get in. Two weeks after the deadline passed for getting in off of the waitlist and two days before we were set to move, my hubby received an urgent email that the school had decided to open an extra space for him. They wanted him there. When he decided to go to Architecture school, we looked at many different schools. He really wanted to go to UBC. He applied to UBC only...they took in 65 students...they had hundreds of applications...he got in. We were 19th on a waitlist for housing...we had no plan B. Less than a week after they received our application they contacted us with an offer. They had an opening for two weeks from now...could we take it?....

We will have to pay a few extra months rent...BUT...we got what we wanted!

We are doing the happy dance at our house again. It is such a relief to know that we won't have to be so far apart and my husband is really happy to be within walking distance of classes!

This Easter season I am so thankful for prayer and faith...and for always getting what we need.

Happy Easter!


  1. Such wonderful experiences of faith! I am so happy for you! I love you and your little family and I am so glad to see good things happening in your lives!!

  2. Actually it is Carma!! not Kirsten. I just happen to be on her computer!