04 April 2011

Monday Bliss

Today my middle son is six...(April is a big month for birthdays in our family).

I was a little stressed trying to think about what we could do today...we did a birthday party a week and a half ago and a big family dinner on Saturday...I was pretty happy when he crawled into bed with me this morning and asked if he could PLEASE have a pajama day today...wear his pjs all day and just play, watch TV, read stories...relax! I...the trying so hard to be the perfect mother...said "of course" and then said a little thank-you! under my breath.

This week-end has been SO busy. My sister and her family left on Friday, a few hours later my husband's family arrived...Saturday, my oldest son had his first fencing lesson...

immediately followed by his baptism and then following that a family dinner for 17 that I hosted for my number two son's birthday...Sunday we had church and then said good-bye to my hubby's family... and the cat who six months ago was abondoned in my dad's workshop and I felt too sorry for it to let my mom put it in the barn with the scary barn cats...

He is going to live at Grandma's house. I had a few unhappy kids to comfort Sunday night. But, the cat had to go. For those of you just joining us...we live in a 600 square foot cottage...all six of us...adding a cat to the mix borders on crazy...although an argument could be made that 6 people in 600 square feet while homeschooling is full immersion crazy already...I do understand that argument. Mostly it is good...the cat pushed it a little over the top.

But, like Julia Donaldson's "A Squash and a Squeeze" taking out the cat has made our little cottage roomier already. The kids all seem to have recovered this morning and so...

Today is bliss. A day to relax...just me and my kids...no A.M. fighting over whose turn it is to hold the cat...just us...nowhere to go...everyone is getting along...and I have time to sit and cuddle my little boy who is now six and getting bigger everyday.

I love these moments.

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  1. Thank you so much for following. I popped over to check out your blog! I see your son is a fencer. My son fenced for 5 years. He just recently quit because his coach wouldn't stop pressuring him to compete. Its such a shame. Fencing is a wonderful sport. I can't wait to check out your blog.