27 April 2010

Spring in Nova Scotia

It has been almost two years since I moved to Nova Scotia from British Columbia. There have been many things I have really enjoyed about being here. Summertime in Nova Scotia is amazing ~ I love the beaches.

I am always amazed at how many times we can go to the beach on a beautiful day and be the only ones there! It's amazing! My kids have had so much freedom to run and play and have hermit crab races and I can relax a little not worrying about losing them in a crowd. I can wander a little on my own and look for sea glass or really cool shells.

Autumn is also amazing with a spectacular show of colours and pretty nice weather lasting until the end of October.

I am Canadian, so of course I expect winter. Winter here so far has been a little dull, not much going on for a Canadian who doesn't like hockey. Yes, a little strange I know...I don't drink beer and I don't like hockey...it's almost unpatriotic. But, winter has been great for learning, reading and spending time with the kids indoors. The winter weather is much milder than what I had heard it would be and is not anything worse than what I am used to....

But, spring is a different story. It is almost May... I have been looking at beautiful blogs with beautiful photos of spring for awhile now; beautiful flowers...even berries! This is what I stepped out to this morning...

Do you notice the lack of leaves? gray skies? ...
I miss leaves.

Usually at this time of year I am gathering bouquets of lilacs and awaiting the start of the organic CSA at the beginning of May I subscribed to with lots of delicious items from the garden. My yard was full of lilacs, tulips, narcissi, and violets galore....I must admit, I have been a little home sick...feeling a little like the weather...gray...

But, as I walked around my yard today I felt a ray of hope...

the leaves are coming!

a few tiny flowers are starting to bloom!

the first colour of the season has arrived!

and buds are preparing to bloom!

Spring may arrive late in Nova Scotia...but it is going to be amazing!

Happy Spring!

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