06 April 2010

hobbies and things to do

This weekend I was thinking about time and all the things I would love to do. I have a fear that there is not enough time to do everything.

 Currently I am working on my BA degree majoring in English and History. I have been working on it for four years and am half way. I am determined to finish it before I turn forty.

In January I learned to knit. So far I've been trying to perfect the garter stitch...I think I'm ready to move on to the next one. I've knit 2 1/2 scarfs and three facecloths

and I also tried out one of those knitlaces ~ half scarf/half necklace that I've seen a few people making over on etsy.

My 10 year old loves it.

I have made about a dozen sock pets over the past four months

I have been looking at other peoples patterns mostly

and I think I will soon be ready to create some of my own.

Although I did make some sock pokemon's for my boys that turned out okay.

I have also been doing a lot of baking. I'm trying to get that perfect "Martha Stewart" pie crust.

It tastes delicious...I just need to keep practicing fluting the edges!

I have also been trying to better understand my camera and learn a few new computer skills. All of these things have kept me pretty busy over the winter. I still need lots of practice on all of these things, but I have a few new things I would like to learn...I just need to find someone to teach me.

I really want to learn how to fish, I do live in Nova Scotia and I have really been trying to find good local ingredients to cook with...it has been difficult where I am but I will continue to try.

I am staying put this summer (other than lots of local day trips!) and so I am putting in a small garden, finally! I have had three summers with no garden and am desperate for fresh produce again and to learn what it is like to garden in the cool and damp maritimes rather than the hot and dry okanagan.

I am looking forward to going on a lot of new hikes and what I really would like to learn this year is

how to forage for mushrooms.

We see hundreds and hundreds of mushrooms almost every time we go for a hike.

All kinds and all colours. I really need to find a teacher, but I'm not sure where to look...

 and I am really nervous about learning from a book...

I've read too many times that mushrooms can kill you if you don't know what you are picking...

but there are so many mushrooms all around here!

Everytime we go hiking we see more and more.

 My kids always call them smurf villages.

And I always hate just walking by something that looks edible and is quite possibly delicious. Hopefully, I'll be able to find someone in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or P.E.I.

I'll keep you posted!

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