10 May 2010


For the past two weeks I have been frantically finishing up three of my courses that finish at the end of this month. I have been reading and reading and reading and writing essays. Tonight with a frazzled brain and blurry eyes I decided I could not do anymore (plus I am trying to recover from a lingering flu bug) so I took the night off and watched half of Julie and Julia with my hubby.

Half because we were too tired to watch the rest (did I mention a flu bug has been running through our house: flu bug + four children = no sleep). And I also was feeling too guilty to watch the rest. I missed my blog. I missed other peoples blogs. So I thought that on my way to bed I would quickly type a little message, no photos today just a message.

I am looking forward to finishing up my classes over the next three weeks ( I do have three more sitting in a box ready to go, but I'm not thinking about those yet). I am excited because these classes I am doing officially put me over the half way point! I have been working on my degree (BA with a double major in English and History) for four years... I should be done I know. But as I stated previously - four kids - tired - no time! I can't wait to complete it. I am hoping to get the next half done in two years; it is something that I have wanted for a long time and I think it will feel so good to actually accomplish one of my life goals.

One of my favourite things: adding a check mark to a list...can't wait to say: BA degree - DONE!

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