27 May 2012

Lobster Season!

I had to smile when I saw the sign at my local small grocer...LOBSTERS...one day only...preorder by May 22nd!

Normally, I like to eat local, but, I also like to eat with the seasons and I have been missing Nova Scotia this month as May is the opening of Lobster season. And so, without too much (well, honestly not any) thought I walked straight to the meat department and was the first one on the list...

I ordered a few and then after thinking about it for a couple of days, I ordered a few more...and then a few more.

I brought my two youngest to pick them up. They were so excited. It has been almost two years since our last lobster feast and even though my youngest boys are only 7 and (almost) 5, they still remember lobster season and couldn't wait to bring some home!

My daughter was upset that she missed the homecoming...so she asked if she could cook them...so she did. No squeamishness... just tossed them in the pot. In the craziness my camera was placed on the side and not picked up again until dinner...

The kids loved having a whole lobster to themselves.

I loved watching their curiosity and enjoyment.

They really enjoyed eating the lobster. But what I thought was really funny was that even more than eating it they loved asking for the shells...

to play with in the grass.

So while the adults finished up and cleared the tables for dessert, the boys played with their temporary pets and had a great time (who needs toys anyway!).

Even though we are no longer in Nova Scotia and lobster is far from local - we indulged and had a great time doing it.

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