01 May 2012

Fresh, Local Beef

Today I had a very fun, informative and unusual day.

My dad raises cattle and I was lucky enough this year to split a steer with my brother. Today, I was invited to watch the butcher cut and wrap our beef.

This guy was huge! Each quarter weighed in at over 275lbs...

I love getting beef from my dad. I watched this steer out in the field many times and I know that he had a relatively happy life. I know that he was drug free. I know the fields he grazed and was raised in.

He was a little fattier than normal because he was 2 1/2 (my dad usually has his steers butchered at 2). But, he was hung for about 3 1/2 weeks and he looks delicious.

Now, for many people, four and a half hours watching someone cut meat may not be considered fun; but, I loved it.

I loved seeing how each cut of meat came off the animal and I loved being able to choose the cuts I wanted while looking at the piece of meat. 

I loved choosing the unusual cuts and making the butcher do a bit of extra work that he usually doesn't have to do.

While watching I kept thinking about how my kids were really missing out. They would love to watch and see how we get our meat. So I took over 200 photos so they wouldn't miss out on anything...I am very grateful for digital cameras!

While watching, my hubby and I discussed all the many ways we would cook our beef...

we became very hungry.

This year, I am hoping that I will be able to not only eat in season, local (and organic when possible) but I am also hoping to store up enough food for winter so that we can continue to eat great, flavourful food all year long! Starting with my year's supply of beef...I am off to a great start. Although, I think I think I may need to buy a second freezer...

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