21 May 2012

Bees and Blossoms

This past week I have been enjoying the beauty, sounds and scents of all the local blossoms...

The week (or so) that the blossoms are out is one of my favourite times of year...

Looking at a group of trees blossoming is so beautiful! I love standing under a tree and really looking at each blossom...knowing that they are the promise of fruit that will soon come.

I love being surrounded by the subtle sweetness...

But, I think what I love most is the sound...

I love the humming of the bees.

I love watching hundreds of bees at work.

I think I could sit and watch them all day.

Each year I fall more and more in love with bees...

I think I may need to get my own hive... I just need somewhere to put it!

Yes, my *imaginary* farm definitely has a few hives!

and lots and lots of blossoms!

For now, I am enjoying the efforts of others... and loving what I see!

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