07 December 2010

thrift shop finds

I thought it might be fun to tell about my Saturday morning.

The hubby was renovating the bathroom...(due to a previously mentioned mold problem)...which looks great by the way and I will post photos soon...it is almost done. Anyway, I decided to quickly pop down to the local thrift shop to see if there was anything new and exciting. I don't go in very often, but when I do I often am able to find some interesting dish or book or something for REALLY cheap. But, when I arrived Saturday morning I was surprised to see a sign declaring a one day unbelievable special...fill any size box for $3!


Seriously! Unfortunately for the hubby left at home renovating the bathroom with four children watching over him my quick pop down turned into a three hour all morning shopping spree!

I know, I know...very inconsiderate of me...but in my defense how many husbands have their wives come back from a three hour shopping spree with a van full of purchases and only be missing $24 from the bank account??? He really couldn't complain about that could he. (and yes I was quick to remind him of that fact).

He is amazing and did not even remind me that in our 600 square feet of house (where I have been boxing up and packing away what wasn't already boxed up and in storage) we really didn't have room for a vanful of new items. But, I really couldn't help myself...$3 for a box FULL!

Now, I didn't find any really great pieces...but I did get a lot of cool stuff and I also got my shopping fix for a mere $24. My amazing hubby then entertained the  kids all Sunday afternoon while I unpacked, took photos and repacked all my goodies. (I really don't have the room, so into storage they go... )

I found three boxes full of books...including this really cool handyman's do-it-yourself encyclopedia.
If I was really smart I would have wrapped it up for the hubby for Christmas, but I was so excited to show him all my great deals that I didn't think of it!

I found a bunch of vintage looking ornaments, I'm not sure how old they are although there were a few of the same set that my mom bought in 1971 and a few that looked pretty old.

I also found some cool pink ornaments and a pink basket...a few of the small balls look pretty old and the jingle bell is really sturdy and may be old, anyway it is definately not a dollar store bell. I love it.

I also found some pretty pink plates. Three by Myott

and one royal swan. I love it when I turn a plate over and don't see the words microwave or dishwasher and I especially love to see England. Speaking of which...

I also found a really cool vintage Hudson's Bay Company wool coat (made in England)...

Which I absolutely love...even though it doesn't fit...

Maybe this will be my incentive to push forward with my resolution to have a more active lifestyle this year...the one drawback to all the baking I love to do is I also really enjoying eating it...

I found a lot of stemware including these pretty amber glasses.

a bunch of vases...

a pretty pink fluted bowl that I thought would look really cute filled with easter eggs...

I found this punch bowl with twelve matching glasses and when I unwrapped it from the bubble wrap it was covered with I discovered another smaller identical bowl inside as well! It is quite heavy and looks like it may not have been used it is just dusty...not bad for about 75 cents!

Since everything was included in the sale...I decided to wrap my glassware with doilies I found in a box to protect them.

Now, my husband looked at me funny when I brought these out...but for some reason I like them.
They have actually been sitting in the shop for awhile and I have been eyeing them up...but since I could just include them in a box with everything else and they only ended up costing me 50 cents...I couldn't help it. There are fifteen of my ceramic "warriors" (everytime I look at them I think of the Terra Cotta warriors from China).

and one matching centrepiece. I think I may have to have a dinner party (when I get a larger entertaining area...or maybe in the summer outside). The smaller pieces look like they may hold place tags. I just have to decide what nationality they are to plan the menu accordingly...Austrian maybe?

Anyway...that was my Saturday and since this post is already too long I will spare you my other finds (which are many)!

Happy thrifting!

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  1. It's Carma, not Lance! Just have to say I know why we are friends! We like so many of the same things!! What a great shopping trip you had, so many fun things you found! Love all the vases and the doilies!! WOW!!!