02 June 2011

Here's what's new in my corner...

This past week-end my hubby and I were able to sneak in a quick week-end away at our "week-end retreat"/rental townhouse in Vancouver. We emptied the Yukon of back seats and loaded her up with some of our things that have been in storage this year.
I had so much fun unpacking things I haven't seen in almost a year.
It was also one of the few times we have been away without the kids. We had a great time strolling around campus getting to know our new neighbourhood. (and I went without my camera...just to pay a little more attention to my amazing hubby instead of things like buttercups on the side of the road...although I still noticed them). We also did a bit of window shopping at the local Williams Sonoma and Anthropologie and Chapters and the MAC store and...I am getting a little antsy...the house is there...my things are being unpacked into it...now I just want to go and get settled in. A couple more months to wait...I am learning patience (just in case I haven't had enough opportunity to learn it yet).

Aside from a glorious week-end with no deadlines, no phones and nowhere I had to be, I have been acting as chief chauffeur...swimming lessons, soccer, triathlon training, fencing...(one of the reasons I was able to get a bit extra reading in this month). I always have a book in my purse.

We have also been trying to complete the kids schoolwork for the year (I am really looking forward to next year and the new selfdesign program we are trying). The six year old finished the required work at Christmas and we have been doing a few fun workbooks and sitting in on the eight year old's science lessons. The eight year old is a little behind so we are working extra hard to get everything finished which we should be able to do by mid-June. The eleven year old is done except for a science project on deserts and she is finishing up French 9. Our first full year of homeschool has been a great project and we have all learned so much. I think that next year will be even better as we find what works best for our family.

And our big news this week...

the eight (and a half) year old finally lost his first tooth! and I have a very happy boy...

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