09 May 2011

the week-end

Back from our little road trip to Vancouver...

It was really nice to get away for a few days and spend some quantity time together as a family! I always love a few uninterrupted days with all of us together.

We picked up our keys to our "new" townhouse and tried to navigate our way around the city. While I do love visiting the city...I am not a city girl. I think it is going to take me awhile to figure out where everything is and how to get there as well as how to park our yukon in little tiny parking spaces. We did a lot of missing exits and backtracking but we did manage to find what we needed. I found the local natural foods market not far from where we live as well as a grocery store right on campus that also carries a lot of organics which was really nice. We found the local IKEA to pick up a few inexpensive necessities and also visited the Vancouver Aquarium...which was the highlight for our boys.

they loved the jellies...

and listening to the sea lions talking to each other...

and everyone loved watching the belugas.

We were all happy to find that our new home will be larger than our current home and my 11 year old is really excited to not only have a bedroom to herself but her own bathroom as well...and she is on a seperate floor from the boys. The layout is great...there is one little problem. It is really ugly.

these photos do not do the colours justice...the walls are (throughout the entire house) a lovely peachy/pinky/beige colour and we have dusty rose counter tops. But...at least I have a dishwasher...

All the trim is purplish/beige.

Now, normally, ugly wouldn't be a problem. My husband is a painter/interior designer/finishing carpenter/artist/soon to be architecture student. I love reading magazines and am very good at picking out what I do and do not like. We can renovate (even on a tight budget) when required.

The problem is...we are not allowed to paint. In fact, we can not change anything (light fixtures, trim, appliances...). what is worse, we can not put a single hole on any surface to hang paintings (a little bit of torture for an artist) or shelves or anything that would cover up the walls.

HELP!!! How am I ever going to make this place pretty? I am hoping that once all of our furniture (etc) gets put into place it will improve. But...I do not know how I am going to improve the colours or the lovely living room light fixtures!

I am trying to think of some kind of paper lattern/lamp shade or something that will be able to sit over and cover the fake brass...oh and note the lovely turquoise trim on all the windows. AH...venting.

ANYWAY...I really am grateful to have a place on campus and I just have to keep in mind that we ARE students and this is what student accommodations are...and be grateful that I have not had to look at this kind of decorating for my husband's first two degrees! I also now have a really big challenge to work on...which is good, keeps my brain functioning and Alzheimers does run in my family so it is important to keep that brain functioning...I knew there was a bright side in there somewhere!

We had a great week-end and are all excited to move, which is still a few months away while my husband finishes up working.

 I think spring is finally here to stay...my classes are starting up again in three weeks, I am finishing up the school year with the kids, making sure everything gets done...and I am really looking forward to another Okanagan summer with lots of fresh local fruits and berries...and canning!

I have a LOT to do!

Here's to a busy spring!

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  1. Hi Joanna,

    Oh my! Yup - ugly! On the bright side...suspended from fishing wire and hooks, something bright and colorful could hang between those nasty brass fixtures...maybe?? Different curtains would help - maybe sheers tacked to the top of the trim would hide the ugly color of the window trim and then the other curtains overtop (which you could change back later)and lots of green plants would help. Also they have those "commando strips" that allow you to hang stuff - supposedly without hurting walls...some of them could support some art work!

    Good luck - thankfully it is a short time and hopefully you'll be spending plenty of outdoor time there too!