03 December 2010

bark thoughts

I have been having a little too much fun with my camera lately and I have been photographing the strangest things. Yesterday while my kids were toboganning I found myself playing with the macro setting on my camera again.

taking extreme close-ups of tree bark.

I really find that as I look at things through the lens of my camera I notice more details.

As I pay attention to the details I realize how complex everything is...

and how beautiful.

looking at some of these close-ups I am reminded of arial landscapes.

and I wonder what is there that we don't see?

I think of Horton Hears a Who by Dr. Seuss.
(I spend my days with young children, so I often think of Dr. Seuss).

 Looking at a tree my eyes make an immediate judgement. I know what it is...it is just a tree.

But, looking through my camera...I notice so much more. Moss, lichens, spiderwebs, tiny bugs, holes, cracks...so many little things that make up each tree. Each one is so different.

and I think...maybe people are a little like these trees. Maybe instead of just seeing people as I always see them, I should realize that there are many small details that I am not aware of. And maybe those of us who aren't standing as tall and majestic as we could be have a lot of small details affecting us that aren't seen unless looked at closely. I mean, how many of us have reached our full potential? I tend to be fairly critical (of myself mostly...but it does tend to migrate towards others as well)...this holiday season I think I will try to remember my camera and my macro setting.

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