04 November 2010

the small house experiment

Yes, again I am still here. We are full swing into our small home experiment and everything is going well...except for our internet connection. I think I have been able to access the internet from home three times. I am still working on that and will have lots of pictures to post as soon as the problem is solved.

In the meantime, I thought I would post a quick note.

When we moved to Nova Scotia two and a half years ago I was in a small shop and purchased a christmas tree ornament with a picture of a small (folk art style) home and it said "Love grows in small houses". I don't know why I picked that ornament considering we had just moved into a large Victorian home, but I liked it. I now have it prominently placed on our front door to remind us on those days we feel a little crowded.

I am constantly amazed at how well the project is going. Again, we have six people in approximately six hundred square feet. I have however finished a craft room/play room in my mother's basement for extra space and it is nice to have that space to go to for a change of scenery. But, I am learning that a family can exist and be happy in a relatively small space! I have been reading some interesting books lately that are happily confirming some of my lifestyle choices and making me feel a little more secure about pushing against the norms of society. I am apparently not the only one out there! I will write more about that subject soon.

I am very happy to have put up over 250 jars of canning and we have purchased a side of grass finished beef from a local farm as well as a lamb and some pork. So, our freezer is full and I have a wall of beautifully filled jars. It's amazing how happy food put up for the winter makes me...we are all longing for the day we can grow our own instead of buying...but that may have to wait a year or two. In the meantime I am happy to support our local farmers and I am enjoying learning about becoming more self reliant. The weather has been beautiful here this fall and for once I am looking forward to winter...I feel very cozy and comfortable with my family around me, my walls filled with books and good food and a craft room all ready for christmas projects!

Life is good.

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