27 November 2010

in season

I have been feeling a little guilty about my last post...it is not exactly in season as I look out my window at the snow. I do love to be in season and so I thought I better post something a little more appropriate.

We have been enjoying the snow for the past couple of weeks

We have been tobogganing almost daily...

and enjoying the views of winter. My parents have this great tree in their yard. It is actually two trees that have grown up together...

One tree is an apple tree...

and one tree is an ornamental cherry.

In the spring the blossoms are beautiful. Half the tree is white and the other half is pink.

This year I discovered the tree is beautiful in winter as well and I had some fun photographing it.

I ran out of canning jars and didn't get to finish all the fruit before the snow came. I am happy that I did. I think the apples add a nice hint of colour to our gray winter sky and the birds will have something to pick at through the winter.

I love watching snow fall. Especially at night.

There is a creek on one side of the farm. I always love it down there. It is so cool in summer and especially peaceful in winter.

It is also very beautiful...

I am very happy to be spending the winter surrounded by my parents' farm and having family around.

I love living in Canada and being able to watch the seasons change.

Happy Winter!

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