13 September 2010

unpacking and canning an interesting combination

Just thought I would post a quick note...I am still here...but I still have no internet in the house
and I am trying to repack and sort and fit everything into the cottage.

It will be good when it is done, but it is also nearing the end of canning season and so I had
to get some canning in which has meant slow going on the unpacking front!

I am still living in boxes, but I have canned dill pickles, bread and butter pickles, peaches,
peach jam, peach butter, peach butterscotch jam, peach barbeque sauce, stampede barbeque sauce,
sweet and sour barbeque sauce, ketchup (yes - I made my own ketchup and it is yummy!),
grape juice, fruit cocktail (peaches, pears, grapes and cherries), three kinds of salsa, I have also oven dried tomatoes, and frozen tomato sauce, peaches, cherries, blueberries ( I was lucky and caught the very end of the blueberries and cherries), nectarines, a few apricots (again the end of the season), watermelon (for a nice mid winter slushie), cubed tomatoes, and I think that is it so far....

today I am canning the rest of the tomatoes and drying the last few romas and then tonight and tomorrow I will tackle dilly beans and pepper jellies and then I am taking a week off to finish unpacking and then comes the apples....Fall is looking busy for me but the cottage is looking good and smelling great and I am so excited to be all cozied up for winter!

I have also ordered a side of beef and a lamb and am working on my dried fruit and nut order with a local wholesaler who brings in amazing fresh products every fall! I can't wait to find my little house on the prairie books - I think they will make great winter reading with the kids this year!

As I have been enjoying the harvest, I have been looking at farmland around me and wishing it was mine so next year I could grow my own....but I think that dream will still have to wait. In the meantime, I am LOVING the local farmers markets and orchards! I have missed the okanagan!

Can't wait to get my computer up and running so I can post some photos!

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