05 June 2010

busy month

I can't believe it is already June and not only that but a week into June...soon it will be summer and I am not ready.

I have been slaving away over the books and finished up my last essay on Monday. One semester finished and a second that has to be completed by the end of July. So, every spare minute (and the not so spare ones as well) have been spent with my face in a book. My eyes hurt. This has been a really crazy time at my house. My hubby has been away all week working on an art project with a colleague in Prince Edward Island so I have had the four monkeys all to myself. I only wish I had more time to play with them. He will come home tonight for about 36 hours and then right back at it, hopefully he will be done in another week.

Despite all the craziness I am on track to finish in time and the dishes and laundry are amazingly done and I have even had time for a few stories, cuddles and board games. My daughter had her first sleep over at our house last night (isn't it amazing how fast they grow!) Everything is going so smoothly...I am almost scared. My one big neglect has obviously been my blog. I miss it and would like to spend a few hours in the blog world, but the books are calling so I just thought I would type a quick note so I can feel like I have had at least a few minutes of time just for me.

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