16 May 2010

graduation and bikes

Well, we had a big day yesterday. We packed up the crew and my hubby's mother and headed to Halifax for graduation day. My husband now is officially a Master of Fine Art - degree in hand and all.

Those of you with children will understand my slight apprehension at bringing four children to a graduation ceremony. Four kids - husband not sitting with us - long speeches - you get the idea. My children, like most aren't overly excited about the idea of sitting in chairs - quietly - for three hours. (Did I mention I have three boys under the age of seven?)

But, much to my delight - we survived without any stares, glares or major threats escaping from my mouth! I even had a woman come up to me afterwards telling me how wonderful my children are and how amazed she was at how good they sat and what a wonderful mother I must be...don't you love those moments! (However few and far between they may be).

I was so happy I was able to go. The one downside...

This is the quality of my photos from the evening...

This is the best photo I got of my husband...getting a handshake from I am not sure who from the university and a pat on the back from Iain Baxter& (yes that & is supposed to be there...I did say this was art school right? Apparently Baxter& is quite famous; he received an honourary degree...I apologize for my ignorance.)

I am not sure if I need a new battery or what, but I really tried every setting and this was the best I got...except for this one photo at the end of my super happy kids...

They did get cookies and cake so it wasn't a total waste of a Saturday for them.

We had a great week-end and we will have to live with memories and blurry photos.

Now - back to the books!

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