16 February 2010

Facing Reality

So, after all good intentions to write, two months have passed. I've thought of writing, felt guilty about not writing and have realized why I haven't written. I was trying to write about a part of my life that I want to exist but doesn't really. I wanted to write about me, only me and all the things I do on my own for me.

You see, as a mother of four, the desire for some me time is very strong, but in reality, me-time doesn't really exist. Not now anyway. Not with a husband finishing a master's degree and me trying to finish my bachelor's degree and with a house to sell and keep clean (or try to at least). And as previously stated four children to raise. It doesn't really happen. So having a blog about things I get to do for myself, ends up being a blog about nothing really or a blog that doesn't get written.

My life is my family, and that is a good thing. I am very blessed to have an amazing husband who I have been married to four twelve years and four incredible children. I want to write about what is happening in my life now, not in the past, not in the future but what is going on right now, today...

Lately, I have been making sock pets (some copied from books, some of my own design)
The pigs are the only ones I have photos of, I made a really cute dog for my mom for Christmas but didn't get a picture, I'll have to ask her to take one. Anyway, my oldest son today says..."mom, I think that guy in that sock pet book must have gotten his ideas from you because his look exactly like yours!" He is so sweet, he actually took the photo (he's 7 and a budding photographer) which is why I have a picture...I'm not good at taking photos before sending them away, possibly because I am always late!

We kept the pigs, the boys actually helped make them, I was teaching them how to sew. They are so impressed with their skills. They turned out pretty cute.

I have also been very busy working on my courses and doing lots of kid stuff while my husband completed his thesis! His defense is next month...then what??? Maybe I'll write about that later.

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