21 February 2010

blog inspiration

Yesterday, I spent too much a lot of time looking at blogs. I recently purchased Tara Frey's "Blogging for Bliss" (which is a great book by the way)...and after looking through the book, I decided to look at some blogs (something I have never really done). Anyway, after (I am a little embarrassed to say) HOURS looking at blogs (they can be a little addicting!) I came to the conclusion that my photography skills are non-existent. I have a simple point and shoot digital fujifilm camera and I have always wanted to figure out how to do more than just use the automatic button but have never taken the time. So, after looking at all the BEAUTIFUL photography on some blogs out there, I decided to learn something new. It is time...

 My youngest fell asleep on the couch and he looked so cute I took his picture:

As you can see, my skills are greatly lacking! So, I decided to spend a little time with my camera and found a slow syncro setting for night shots and I took some more pictures. What a difference! I am so excited! I am a little technologically impared, but have been trying to work on that. I have been thinking that I need a new camera because I am never happy with the photos it takes, I guess there is a slight possibility that the problem is me, not the camera...I still want a new camera, but I think I'll try and master this one first and then  I will upgrade, I also need to take some time to learn (or get my husband to find time to teach me), how to use photoshop. We have the complete program in our computer and my husband uses it all the time, I think it's my turn...maybe I'll actually learn how to take good photos! I love it when I learn something new!
Oh, here's the after shot...I didn't know that it was so simple to make such a difference!

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