26 February 2010

Happy Place!

I am in such a happy place today...

Who knew that blogs could be so inspiring?
Well, apparently lots of people, but not me...there are so many pretty things to look at. Why have I not looked before?!
And what I find most exciting is that I am not as wierd as I thought I was! For a LONG time I have felt like I was one of the VERY few people who did not enjoy big box stores and who preferred the handmade, making food from scratch at home, gardening, crafting. Everywhere I look this does not seem normal, I moved across country and it still didn't seem normal. But, apparently there are a LOT of people who share my loves. I am so excited! Thank you so much for all of your inspiration. I don't really have the spare time for yet another hobby, but I am finding that looking at a few blogs a day is helping to keep my smile on my face!

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