11 December 2009

I'm back

So much for the tomorrow!
I was hit with a nasty flu bug, which I recovered from last week, but was then a week behind in my christmas packages which needed to be shipped across the country. The last package was shipped express this morning and I AM BACK!

I thought about writing a number of times.. and it is nice to be able to finally write. There is something about writing thoughts that is very freeing.

AND... I figured out how to post photos! Now I just need to sort out which ones I want to print. I need to play more with my camera, most of my photos are of my kids and I don't really want to post them here. I'm always sending photos of them via email or facebook and I want a space that is my own... so this blog is dedicated to me. As a stay at home mom, most of my day is dedicated to my children and I find (like many mothers do) that I just don't have much ME time. So I am pushing aside all my motherly guilt and taking time for ME.

Today I thought I would write about something that I love: Road Trips.
When I was younger I thought flying was very cool (because it was something I very rarely did). I did not like road trips with my parents (which were also infrequent) as my parents are point to point people; leave very early in the morning, around 5am and drive straight through, no pee breaks. Not fun.

As I got older and could drive myself I started taking a few road trips of my own. And as I firmly believe that getting up before 6am is getting up before it is actually morning, I would leave later...this alone was an improvement. And I would stop for small breaks. Each trip I took I allowed myself more breaks, not only for bathroom breaks, or to eat, but breaks to stop and look around. Enjoy the scenery. Road trips became fun!

Now, given the choice between an airplane or a car...I choose the car. Even if it takes longer, getting there really is half the fun.

One day this past fall we decided to take a day and drive up to see the cabot trail. No plans, lets just go. I've never seen it and it is supposed to be one of the most beautiful drives in the world. So, we got up and left by nine (getting four kids organized for a full day takes awhile). We spent fourteen hours on the road and had a great day.

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