30 September 2013

First month of Photography School

Almost one month into my photography course and I really am loving it.

I will finish the very last (I promise this time) of my Bachelor of Arts Degree classes at the end of October. I can't wait to finish. In the meantime my life is insanely busy! I am trying to keep up with both courses and find time for my family. It is so difficult to fit everything in.

I may not be posting much in October as I finish up my degree.

The next few weeks of photography school are going to be really busy as we finally learn how to use manual mode on the camera...

and learn photoshop. I am really excited to learn both of those skills because I really have no idea how to do either.  

Hopefully I make it through October... I keep picturing a cartoon image of myself with my brain exploding with too much information...

I really hope that doesn't happen...but I am a little afraid.

We have spent a lot of time shooting landscapes and have moved on to portraits. This is the area where I feel really weak. And just to make it extra difficult we have been shooting self-portraits all week! I never get in front of the camera so it has been a bit of an adjustment for me. I do not like posting photos of myself...but in the spirit of education...

This is me with no edits.

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