02 April 2012

Spring at the North barn

Today I did a little exploring in the old North barn on my parents' property.

I have explored this barn many times over the past twenty-four years but I still love to wander around and imagine the life it had before my family moved in...

I imagine the loft with the sweet, grassy smell of hay and the sounds of kittens mewing and children playing.

I wonder if Holsteins or Jerseys stood here patiently waiting to be milked? 

Today, I brought home this rusty, old rake that I think will fit in nicely in my craft room as a holder for spools of ribbon. 

I also brought home this old tool box with the initials of the original owner and builder of the barn (and of my parents' house), Mr. North. I think I will clean this up for my craft room as well. I love that I was able to take an half hour out of my day to spend a little time on me and that I was able to find a few treasures that will remind me of my explorations every time I look at them. This year I really want to focus on taking the time to notice the simple pleasures of life.

On my way out I noticed the first daffodil of the season blooming. It looks like spring has arrived and that is something that will keep me smiling all day.

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