02 May 2011

off my bookshelf April 2011

I am finally reconnected!

and just in case you were wondering what I have been reading...

here is what came off my bookshelf in April.

Quite possibly my favourite book of all time. I never tire of reading about Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy. I have now completed all six Jane Austen novels this year. I think I may make reading all six a yearly tradition...

I will be taking a senior creative writing class (two actually) this semester and the professor advised reading more contemporary novels (most of the fiction I read are classics). So, I thought this would be a good time to read this. I wasn't too impressed and found myself wishing Jane Austen had written more and contemplating reading all of Dickens. I didn't really relate even though the book was about homemakers. I actually thought that the author didn't look too highly upon people who chose to stay at home. I didn't think it was really bad; I just didn't think it was very good and wouldn't read it again.

A book for beginner runners. I tried doing the "no program" program, but that did not really work for me. So I thought I would try this one. I have a strange relationship with running. I really enjoy running while I am doing it, I just have a difficult time trying to get myself out there to actually do it. I think I am always waiting for the "perfect" time which of course never comes. This is a pretty good program. Now to somehow get myself out there...

I splurged and bought a new cookbook...I really like it. There are a lot of usable recipes in here. Some of the easy recipes are things I already make myself and I was a little disappointed to learn that some of my great ideas are not so original. Apparently, Gwyneth Paltrow has some of the same ideas. My husband found it amusing as I read off a few of her recipes and tips that were nearly identical to mine. Aside from the lack of red meat (which my carnivorous family adores) this is how I eat (or would eat if I could afford tuna steaks and duck bacon).

I love the slow food movement. I really do. I read a quote once ( I have no idea who said it or where I found it). "If we are what we eat who wants to be fast, cheap and easy?" I keep it on my fridge along with a magnet of a snail (the slow food symbol). A great book with some really great looking recipes from chefs like Alice Waters, Rick Bayless and Daniel Boulud. I do understand that we don't always have time for really slow food but advanced planning helps and even cooking this way a few days a week helps. I am aiming for seven days a week...I am not there yet but I am working on it.

A lot of cookbooks were off the shelf this month (or actually being added to the shelf). I think it is the change in weather and the excitement I have over the farmer's markets opening and fresh, local, organic food being once again available. Also, there have been some great sales on and I have a very hard time passing up cookbooks on sale...especially when they cost less than the price of a magazine as these two french cookbooks did.

These two William's Sonoma cookbooks were deeply discounted as well and I am so glad I got them. The family meals cookbook is written to encourage those who don't spend a lot of time in the kitchen with family to get in there...which put me off a little (I'm already in there and thought the book wouldn't be for me) until I discovered the great "beginner" recipes like how to smoke your own salmon, cure your own bacon, make your own ricotta and create your own marshmallows. There are lots of really great family friendly recipes that are not only good for beginners but for those who already spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

And to finish off the month...

my favourite magazine...the British Edition of Country Living. I haven't seen an issue that I didn't love. This is my fantasy life.

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