25 August 2010

small house experiment

I am still here!

we made it across the country safely and are settling into our new home...pictures soon!

Just a quick note as we are still internetless and I am just borrowing for a few minutes.

My family and I are embarking on a new adventure.

My husband is busy working on his portfolio to apply to architecture schools in hopes of fulfilling his lifelong dream of becoming an architect. In the meantime in order to save a few dollars we have accepted an offer from my parents of their garden cottage for one year of free rent...of course this has its pros and cons as you can imagine!

Cute cottage, on my parents property (of 32 acres)....approximately 600 square feet...family of six!

So - are we crazy?

We have decided to make an experiment out of it! As previously stated my husband has always wanted to be an architect and we have both been very interested in sustainability. We decided this would be the perfect time to test: how much space does one family actually need??? Do we need mcmansions?

On our way through Canada I noticed a lot of older subdivisions, particularly in Winnipeg that had rows of tiny houses that I am sure housed large families post-war. I think we can do it. I found a christmas ornament two years ago (not long after moving into our 3000 sq. foot home in Nova Scotia) that said "Love grows in small houses"....we shall see...

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