14 January 2014

I Made Marshmallows

I may have previously mentioned and if you know me you probably already know this. But, I tend to have a problem with procrastination. It's not so much that I procrastinate…it's just that I like to think…a lot. This is very useful at times. But at other times I spend all my time thinking and then I have no time left to do anything.

Over the holidays I was playing a game and the question was asked: "Does the world belong to the thinkers or the doers". The general consensus was the doers. I had to stop and think about that.

Also during the holidays, a friend was over looking at recipes for beef jerky. He wanted to make some. The following week I stopped by and tried some of the jerky he made. I was a little jealous actually. It wasn't the best jerky in the world, but it was pretty good. I was so impressed that he did it. I've wanted to make jerky for a long time. I'm actually embarrassed to say how long - let's just say it has been years. I've read a bunch of recipes, watched a video or two, thought about making jerky. But, I haven't made jerky. I don't really know why. I want to. So, this week I have been thinking about that.

I've felt a little inspired. I am slowly…very slowly…learning to stop thinking and just do.

One of the other things I have wanted to make for years is marshmallows. I was talking about it this week-end and yesterday I decided to stop thinking.

 and I made marshmallows.

toasted coconut marshmallows.

They were insanely easy…and so good.

I was so happy I finally made them.

This week-end I'm making beef jerky.

I am learning my lesson. I need to think less and do more.

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  1. These look delicious! Where is the recipe? I would love to make these.