07 January 2014

Holiday treats

The holidays went by so fast. I loved being home with my family.

I also loved being able to spend so much time in the kitchen baking. 

I didn't get to my Christmas baking until a couple of days before Christmas but I still managed to get a fair bit in.

I was in treat mode all through the holidays. Even my leftovers became treats. I had some leftover phyllo from making spanakopita and a little leftover frozen mango and frozen peaches from smoothie making that became strudel…I love leftovers.

Even though we have no family here in the maritimes we still managed to squeeze in an extra seven people at our table for Christmas dinner. We hosted a birthday dinner for a friend and had a couple people over for New Year's Eve. We managed to keep our house full of friends and lots of stories, games and laughter over the holidays.

and treats…there were lots of treats.

I also was lucky enough to add to my cookbook collection over the holidays…I think the Butter book is my favourite. Years and years and years ago I came up with the idea of having a bakery that made homemade style baked goods. I had an image of my shop and how cute it would be. My bakery never became a reality. I read about Butter in a magazine about six years ago and was finally able to see "my" bakery. When we lived in Vancouver "Butter" was one of the first places I went. It is the cutest shop. I was so excited for the cookbook to come out. I'm really excited about trying all the recipes.

 The holidays went by so fast. I almost can't believe they are over already. I know this is belated - but I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.

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