29 May 2013

Looking for rainbows...

Less than four weeks now until moving day.

Time is going by so fast and my work is not getting done as quickly as I would like. 

The stress of moving and trying to finish my degree while still maintaining some sort of a normal family life is really starting to get to me and I haven't been able to sleep for the past few weeks. I keep hoping to make a big enough dent in all I have to do to see that light at the end of the tunnel...

But, I still have to finish sorting through all we have collected over the past three years and choose which half I want to get rid of...have a garage sale...write 9 essays...write 3 exams...attend various recitals, soccer games and field trips that always come with the end of the school year... oh and pack. 

No worries right. 

Did I say I have less than a month.

I can do this.

It is not my first rodeo.

Sorry about all the cliches but as I said I haven't really slept much...

The other night we had some friends stop by to look at some of the hubby's paintings. It was dinnertime...

I decided to do what I never do and invite them for dinner at the last minute. Just throw something together. 

I love having people over, but I also always like to plan ahead. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. 

I hadn't even been grocery shopping for over a week and I had to be creative. It was great. I even managed a couple of fruit tarts.

I really enjoyed the spontaneity. I loved not having time to worry or stress out about something else. I think it helped that I am already so stressed. My attitude now is just bring it on...

Just after they left - there was a knock on the door. They were back ... "you have to see this"... 

Just what I needed...A little reminder to stop and enjoy the rainbows.

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