31 March 2014

Sugar Woods

While there are many things I love about living in the Maritimes there is one thing that I really dislike... 


or more accurately - the lack of it. Today I enjoyed another snow day (actually freezing rain day but there is still about two feet of snow in my yard). At this time of year I want to be feeling like farmer's market season is just ahead of me. But, everytime I think spring might be coming...I get another snow day. I do love snow days but tomorrow is April...April and it is supposed to snow...again. 

But, even though I really don't like this weather there is one thing about it that I do love...

maple syrup. Seriously...I know I have posted about Maple Syrup before but maple syrup could possibly be what I am most patriotic about. I love living near the sugar woods. 

Maple syrup is what gets me through a Nova Scotia spring with a smile on my face. Without this lousy spring weather of warming up and then freezing again we wouldn't have this sweet, yummy, perfect, goodness. 

I loved taking the family for a hike in the sugar woods this week.

Maple syrup is one of my favourite things about Nova Scotia so I guess I can't really complain about the weather.

This week we visited the Fenwick sugar woods. There are three camps we visited - no one was boiling syrup when we were there - but they were making maple leaves at one of the camps.

Once the thickened syrup is poured they have to work quickly...

It was so fun watching them work.

The sugar syrup set very quickly and after only a couple of minutes they were able to pop out the finished candy.

We of course had to buy some maple leaves from each of the camps to compare. The middle camp was the creamiest and my favourite. Although, with the only ingredient being maple syrup they all tasted very similar and were all delicious. We also bought and tasted maple cream, maple taffy and of course maple syrup.

After the woods we went back to our church for a pancake and sausage supper with maple syrup of course.

So good!

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  1. I just love your posts and photography!! Beautiful!! Don't worry we have no spring here either snowy for weeks and cold cold:(( can't wait for spring! Hope all is good with you guys!! You are amazing!!