16 August 2012

Random Summer Happenings...

Just thought I would post a few random photos from the past three weeks (not necessarily in chronological order)...

My second son spent a week at "British Football" camp and LOVED it. He had so much fun, learned a lot and really enjoyed the last day when they brought costumes from home for their coaches to wear.

I was really happy that the weather co-operated and what is traditionally the hottest week of the year was a little cooler than normal. We walked to the camp each day and I was able to stay and watch him and enjoy his water breaks with him. Being the third of four kids, we have had very little one on one time together. We both really enjoyed our "just me and you" time.

about two and a half weeks ago, my town had a crazy, freak wind/rain/hail/thunder storm. First came LOTS of rain, followed by hail. This photo is the beginning of the hail. By the end the boots were covered.

Our power was out for almost twelve hours. I was very thankful that we had a barbeque. I lovingly sent my amazing hubby out to grill up some burgers for dinner. Notice the lake forming in our backyard...

I celebrated my 39th birthday...I am now officially the same age that my dad says he is. I use the term "celebrated" loosely. July was crazy busy as usual...maybe next year will be the year that I actually do something other than pack, move, write essays or exams on my birthday. I think I better tell the hubby to start planning something. I have never really been big on birthday celebrations - my own anyway - but, maybe 40 will be my year.

The biggest excitement we have had is my husband's solo show opened at the Vernon Public Art Gallery.

He has been working on it for months and has kept him very busy.

The show is on now until October 11th.

The opening went well...although, I didn't stay the entire time. I'm not mentioning any names, but a child or maybe two of mine became a little restless as the night went on...

we left after an hour. It would have been great to spend the evening with my husband. Get out and have some adult time. But, I really wanted the kids to experience the art opening. I'll get my time when they are grown. I want them to have memories of attending their dad's shows. This is the third opening they have attended. The hubby has had three solo shows. (If you count his grad show). I didn't see the inside of an art gallery until I was an adult. I love that they have seen famous - and not at all famous - original works of art. My hubby lets them touch the paintings, - his paintings, not other artists'...just thought I should clarify that point - feeling the different textures. I don't think they really appreciate it now, but I am hoping they will when they get older.

Other than that and a few hikes, beach visits, and playing in the back yard...the rest of our summer has consisted of trying to avoid the heat. Our family isn't really big on the above thirty weather ...hmm... another pro for my Nova Scotia list....

This week, we have started thinking about school supplies...I better get some soon...many of the stores are already prepping for christmas, if I wait too much longer there may not be any school supplies left.
That really annoys me...christmas? Really? It's AUGUST! The past few years as I have tried to shop for Hallowe'en mid-October I have failed to find anything but Christmas supplies. It really puts me off shopping. The one benefit of having little cash this summer...I have stepped into the mall only once and I can honestly say that I don't miss it.

I am going to enjoy a few more hikes, beach visits and plenty of barbeques over the next few weeks...

Happy Summer!

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