11 December 2011

Christmas is coming!

Winter on the West Coast of British Columbia is really unlike winter anywhere else in Canada.

In some ways it is wonderful. No mittens, no touques, no boots, no snowpants. Getting ready to leave the house is just as quick as it is in summer! There is no worrying about finding matching gloves for four kids as they head out the door...mittens and gloves are so much like socks in my house...I try not to think about how many have been lost to the black hole in the dryer.

We can leave home without coats on most days. The weather is really great.


I am having a VERY difficult time believing that it is almost Christmas! I miss snow. It doesn't help that my decorating this year has consisted of mountains of packing boxes cluttering every spare inch of my house. We are preparing for our move just a few days before Christmas.

Luckily for me, with the lack of snow the kids are also not feeling very Christmasy yet either. I did get them to make and decorate a few cookies which they really enjoyed and if nothing else gets done at least we have done something!

I am hoping that we can VERY quickly unpack when we arrive in the Okanagan in time to get a tree set up for Christmas Eve...with decorations and baking...oh and shopping, I have yet to finish my Christmas shopping as I did not want to have excess to move...I think due to time constraints it will be a bit of a scaled back Christmas at our house this year. We are just going to really enjoy a week off together as a family after not seeing much of each other since summer. And for me that is going to be the best Christmas present of all.

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