13 July 2011

Pacific Spirit Regional Park

While we were in Vancouver this past week-end the family and I decided to do a little exploring in the Pacific Spirit Regional Park. There are trails that begin literally steps from our new home. We LOVED it and are really excited to have such a large (763 hectares) park just outside our door.

We loved walking through the lush woods feeling like we were out in the middle of nowhere...even though we were in the city.

We spent over an hour walking through the trails, enjoying the wildflowers...

It was a beautiful sunny day; but it was nice and cool in the park.

Parts of the park are dark and lush while parts of the trails are out in the sun.

We walked and talked and laughed...

and spent the day enjoying each others company. I love when we find an activity that we all enjoy!

In addition to hiking we did something we have never done before...

We foraged for food!

There were a few different edible berries in season that we ate as we walked.

The four year old loved the huckleberries. I was also really excited to share huckleberries with my kids. I remember eating them when I was very young. One of my earliest memories is from when I was about four and I was in the backyard sharing huckleberries with my pet goat. This week-end I enjoyed the first huckleberry I have had in over twenty years!

The boys were so excited to be eating "like bears" and we were all pretty happy about getting such a great snack for free!

We were also really happy about all the blossoms...future berries that will be waiting for us on our next visit...

and I am particularly excited about the blackberries! I used to eat them by the ice cream pail full when they were in season. This week-end I saw thousands of blackberry blossoms...I think we will be doing a little more foraging in August.

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