04 January 2011

finding joy

Yesterday morning my family and I took a walk down to the creek. My sons had been the day before with my hubby and they were eager to show me how "cool" the ice was.

My oldest son was fascinated with all the different forms the ice took. All the boys were very excited about the holes in the ice where you could look down and see the water flowing underneath.

Walking with them gave me the opportunity to explore more extreme close-ups with my camera and also another opportunity to once again learn from my boys to enjoy the little things in life.

Things that would have once seemed boring are now interesting to me as I see the world through their eyes.

We were able to lie on the ice and get VERY close to the different forms the ice took on. I was able to place the camera through the holes in the ice so we could see what it looked like underneath.

Why is it that as adults we tend to loose the fascination and excitement that we once held as children?

I have found that my happiest moments have been when I tag along and try to experience life like a child with curiosity, surprise, and a constant search for discovery. As an adult I seem to be able to grasp those (although I have a little harder time getting rid of the worry and fear that they seem to lack).

I did have a small fear of slipping and falling or breaking through the ice which I need to get rid of. What I would like to do this year is to live life more like a child.

I want to lose my fear of the unknown and just enjoy what I can see. When I really start paying attention and focusing on what is in front of me I realize that I can see a lot more than I initially thought.

I want to learn something new every day and to appreciate all the small beauties that I have around me.

As I watch my boys I try to recall being this way as a child and I can't. I remember being asked how old I felt when I was about 19 and I answered 35. I think I was born 35. When I turned 35 I suddenly felt old and realized that I had missed out on something.

It was a little depressing until I read a quote by Pablo Picasso. He said,

"It takes a long time to become young".

And for me I think this is true. As I thought of some of my goals for this year I realized that this is what I really want to do this year...I want to work on becoming young.

Maybe there is eternal youth after all...maybe it is a state of mind...joy.

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